2424 D’abadie Street
New Orleans, 70119
Doors: 6:30
Films start 7:30

Minimum Length of film: 2 Frames
Maximum Length of film: 5 Minutes

The 2018 theme is:  MACHO

 > > > > > > >  SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED < < < < < < <
Submit films to backyardfilmfestseries@gmail.com by 11:59pm Thursday Oct 11th

Backyard Film Fest is about encouraging production of film, not just exhibition, so the only requirement of entry is that your film is made specifically for the festival.  The theme is a way for us to know your film is unique has been made for BYFF 2018. 
Any interpretation of "Macho" is accepted. You can create a whole story around it, you can include the word in your script, or take it somewhere no-one ever dreamed it could go. Let the rules set you free. 

* Submission Is Free *
We aim to screen every film we receive. 

Questions? Contact: