The 2019 theme
> > > > Reality Check < < < <

Take off those rose coloured glasses and have a look around.
Fake news, reality TV, cat memes & climate emergencies.

Time limit: 5 seconds - 5 mins
Theme: Reality Check
Submission deadline: October 6th
Submissions: backyardfilmfestseries@gmail.com

Backyard Film Fest is about encouraging production of film, not just exhibition, so the only requirement of entry is that your film is made for the festival.  The theme is a way for us to know your film is unique has been made for BYFF. 
Any interpretation of the theme is accepted. You can create a whole story around it, sneak it into some dialogue, or take it somewhere really weird… Let the rules set you free. 

* * * Submission Is Free * * *
Submit films to: backyardfilmfestseries@gmail.com
- You will receive an email to confirm we received your film. If you don’t hear from us, please check the email address is correct.

Ideas? Questions? Haikus? holler at us: backyardfilmfestseries@gmail.com

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