** The 2019 THEME will be released soon **
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We are currently searching for a Backyard / Outdoor space to host 2019 BYFF. Send us an email if you got a spot!

 > > > > > > >  Ideas? Questions? Haikus? holler at us: backyardfilmfestseries@gmail.com < < < < < < <

Backyard Film Fest is about encouraging production of film, not just exhibition, so the only requirement of entry is that your film is made specifically for the festival.  The theme is a way for us to know your film is unique has been made for BYFF. 
Any interpretation of the theme is accepted. You can create a whole story around it, sneak it into some dialogue, or take it somewhere no-one ever dreamed it could go. Let the rules set you free. 

* Submission Is Free *