Backyard Film Festival (BYFF) is a one-night-only film festival of the greatest films you've NEVER seen.
It's celebration of independent cinema, community, and laughing & crying in the dark with strangers. It began spanning 2 backyards, and now spans 2 continents. 

Anyone can partake in BYFF: First-timers, seasoned pros, illustrators, bartenders, dancers, musicians, barbers, gardeners, CeWebrities, artists, your mom and everyone in between. 

At Backyard Film Fest we believe great filmmaking doesn't require an expensive camera, armies of people at your disposal, or mountains of money... all you need a good idea, an imagination and the guts to get out there and MAKE A FILM.

BYFF is a reminder not to take art (or yourself) so seriously. By creating, sharing and connecting with the people around us we can become better versions of ourselves.